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Concrete Construction Industry in the face of durability challenges

The rapid change in social and economic contexts, accompanied by an equally rapid evolution of climatic and environmental conditions, makes the problems of durability of the existing and newly built infrastructural heritage central .

In this context, concrete plays a fundamental role not only with reference to its dominant presence in the built environment but also due to the new potential, in terms of materials, products, constructive concepts, that the technology of concrete and cement materials is capable of. to offer thanks to its latest developments.

ReSHEALience Workshop Endurcrete at Made Expo
The event scheduled for Thursday 14 March at 10.00 am in Hall 10 B [UILD] SMART! of MADE EXPO , is intended for all operators in the construction sector, with particular reference to concrete, from the producers of materials and components to construction companies, to the managers of the building and infrastructure assets, to technical and administrative decision makers.

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The proposal is advanced, with the sponsorship of ACI Italy chapter , by the consortium of two important European industrial research projects, admitted to the Horizon 2020 funding program (four-year period 2018-2021), which involve research institutions and important industrial subjects to cover the entire value chain of the concrete construction industry. Both projects aim to develop and implement advanced cement-based materials and new solutions and design approaches that have as their main objective the improvement of durability and functionality throughout the life cycle of reinforced concrete structures, even in extreme conditions.

The speakers, chosen from among the participants in the research groups involved, will provide an updated overview of the most current issues concerning the durability of reinforced concrete structures and infrastructures and the most up-to-date solutions and methodologies to address them at the various technical-operational-decision levels.

The ReSHEALience (GA 760824) and Endurcrete (GA 760639) projects received funding under the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Waterproofing and protection of concrete with the PENETRON System for the Massazza Purifier

Cordar was born in 1978 from the action of 38 Biellese Municipalities to intervene on the increasingly pressing environmental problem, linked to water pollution and due, in particular, to the massive presence on the territory of textile companies.

The Biella purification system was designed precisely on the local industrial set-up, with the three large plants of Biella, Cossato and Massazza, in order to serve the territorial production complex in the most efficient way. For this reason, in fact, the 150,000 effective inhabitants of the area correspond to plants with a largely oversized capacity, equivalent to 680,000 users.

Purification involves a set of actions aimed at removing contaminants from urban or industrial wastewater, before being “returned” to the environment.

The Massazza purifier protected from chemical aggression and waterproofed with the PENETRON ® System
The Massazza purifier, in particular, has been protected from chemical aggression and waterproofed with the PENETRON ® System , which has allowed a drastic reduction in construction site times and cost optimization.

The PENETRON System for waterproofing and production of purification tanks of the Massazza Purifier (BI) The PENETRON System for waterproofing and protecting the purification tanks of the Massazza Purifier (BI)

Penetron ® Admix is the most important element of the System: it is added as an additive to the “mix design” of the concrete in the packaging phase, to obtain a complete, capillary and active waterproofing of the structural matrix over time. This innovative technology, thanks to the exclusive formulation of reactive components, drastically reduces the permeability of the concrete and the cracks due to excessive thermal gradient or contrasted hygrometric shrinkage, increasing the performance characteristics of the matrix and the durability of the work precisely “from the beginning” . The behavior of the “self healing” additive of the concrete remains active in the vehicle moisture-water present in the underground structures and in the hydraulic works and guarantees the waterproof seal.

Ashton Kutcher-style 

When I opened my business 14 years ago, I didn’t think a typical ghostwriting assignment would be a several-times-a-day series of 140-character messages that matched the personality, voice and agenda of their master. Books and op-eds were more my style.
But during an otherwise challenging 2011, I became a GhostTweeter — someone who helps clients communicate successfully on social media. It’s been huge fun, a great experience, and so far, free of any Ashton Kutcher-style disasters.
Right now, I have two corporate clients who have me generating social media copy on various subjects — I’m not responsible for their whole show, and that’s just fine. Thankfully, these folks want to develop a real dialogue with specific groups of followers. For that, they’ve developed something very much like a newsroom with various contract writers (like me) acting much like beat reporters, developing and posting relevant content on a daily or weekly schedule. That’s a model I’m very familiar with.
During my interviews for both gigs, the questions were familiar, too. “Who’s the audience?” “What do you think they need to know several times a day?” “Why would they care?” “Do you really need to BE on social media?” (You’d be surprised how many people have never explored that last question in depth.) All GhostTweeters follow a similar path — it’s all about getting to know the client, their message and how they’d express themselves if they had the time and/or the ability to produce by themselves.
I started my journalism career as a teenager, which makes it safe to say I’ve been in the business more than 25 years. Age is a pretty big disadvantage since social media is for the young, right?
Not so fast. Recent statistics from the Pew Research Center show that Twitter has grown its 25-44 demographic significantly in the last year alone. And if my own evolving social media habits are a guide, Twitter is now my primary first-alert system for breaking news because, frankly, it’s faster than cable and it’s always on.
I think that means something for all writers — there’s room for good content everywhere.