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Internet Marketing And SEO – What Is The Difference?


Internet Marketing And Search Engine Optimization

To anyone who has no experience in building websites and selling things online, there would be no difference between Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The two would just be two vague concepts that sound close to the Martian language than any other language on Earth. But for people who know, they know that although Internet Marketing and SEO are two different things, they are intertwined. So, what is the difference between the two?

The difference between the two is that while Internet Marketing is basically all about selling stuff online, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about making a website rank for its most important (read: profitable) keywords. If you search for any keyword or keyphrase on Google, you will see that there are websites that come out on top. The top results are not there by accident – more often than not, the owners of those websites have done SEO work on them. This is especially true if the top ranking website is trying to sell stuff. To know more about it you can visit Edmonton SEO – Internet Marketing Services offers SEO and Internet marketing services for their clients.


Internet Marketing uses a wide variety of different marketing channels, including Facebook marketing and advertising, Google Adwords advertising, and SEO. However, most people who are doing Internet Marketing understand that in order to make themselves more profitable, their websites have to rank on Google. Why?

If you have done any Internet Marketing work, you will see that not all marketing and advertising methods are created alike, and there are methods that have a higher conversion rate than others. Between advertising and SEO, SEO has the higher conversion. Social Marketing is also one of the forms of conversions and is giving good conversion rate to business. You can check out Edmonton Seo Services Behance,  Seo Expert Edmonton Vimeo profile and Edmonton SEO Company YouTube profile for more information.

As a matter of fact, most marketers would agree that the conversion rate is at least 25%. This means that for every 100 people who visit a website, 25 of them would do what they are asked to do, like entering their email address or buying stuff from the website owner. With advertising, you would be lucky to get a conversion rate of 10%.

But aside from the conversion rate, however, there is the issue of trust. Most searchers believe that if a website is at the top of the search results, it is trustworthy and hence, is worthy of being shared with their family and friends. This shareability factor increases the non-tangible return on your investment in SEO.

Also, because most ranking stick for at least a few years before they give way to better websites (in the eyes of Google), you can expect to get passive income for at least a few years.

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